Video Endoscopy 

Our portable video endoscope allows us (and our clients!) to visualise otherwise inaccessible areas of horses' bodies!

The advantage of the video endoscope over the traditional fibre (eye piece) endoscope is that it allows for images to be clearly seen on a large monitor, which means that our vets can show you the findings at the time and chat about the case. We find that this helps make understanding the diagnosis easier - afterall, a picture is worth a thousand words.

With our 1.6 metre endoscope we are able to visualise and evaluate problems associated with the upper respiratory tract, which may involve the pharynx, larynx, guttural pouches and trachea.

As well as being able to investigate problems affecting the upper respiratory tract, our video endoscope allows us to investigate urinary tract problems, which may be affecting the bladder or urethra in both male and female horses. In mares the cervix and uterus can also be visualised if a problem is suspected with the reproductive tract.

We also have a 3 metre video gastroscope which we can use to investigate gastric ulceration syndrome in your horse.

So, in short, our video endoscope is a very versatile piece of kit!

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